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09 FEB 2011

Online survey personalization and branding

How to make your survey look exactly the way you like it? MySurveyLab contains extended personalization and branding options that allows you to change your survey color skins, add your own logo and set up survey redirection page.

15 FEB 2011

How to improve survey response rate ?

What is response rate, why it is important and how it works? Response rate (also known as completion rate, return rate or RR) tells us how many people have completed surveys comparing to total number of people in the sample. The bigger response rate is the better.

31 JAN 2011

Project - online survey research

Are you planning your online research? We have prepared short guide for you, it will help you prepare and conduct research project. In the article you will find seven-step approach that will help you manage online survey project.

25 MAR 2010

mysurveylab users community

Join the community and meet mysurveylab users. Share your experiences or find help for your online surveys or tests.

25 APR 2009

Simple way for short URL

If you are wondering how to make your link shorter. Here is a little hint for you. Visit,, All those sites are simple and created in one purpose - make any URL shorter.

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