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Understand your customers needs and motivations.


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Customer satisfaction (CSAT) Customer Experience
Improve customer satisfaction. Measure customer satisfaction with the offered services and products. Conduct customer experience surveys.
Net Promoter Score (NPS / NPS2) Voice of the Customer (VOC)
Measure and improve loyalty of your customers. Create closed loop process and react on your customers problems immediately as they appear.

+ Survey Example
Successful companies listen do their customers. Listen voice of your customers and improve customer experience. Understand your customers behavior, motivations and needs.
Processes Customer segmentation
Examine your company processes to ensure they are customer-centric. ISO 9001. Prepare customer segmentation.

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Survey example - NPS

Powerful features

Complete research platform. Online surveys. Forms. Tests.

+ Draw test questions + Set number of points for each answer choice
+ Any language support + Display test result at the end
+ Rotate blocks, pages, questions and answer choices + Secure access with a password or token
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