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How to conduct online survey using CINT panel works with online survey panels like CINT, or ResearchNow. In this article you will find short instruction that describes how to conduct survey using CINT survey panel.

to start research project :

  1. sign into CINT OpinionHUB
  2. create new research project and copy redirection links
  3. in survey collector Settings add redirection links (copied form CINT OpinionHUB)
  4. set option response ID for URL only and save collector settings
  5. add /crk/id=[ID]/ parameter to your survey link

To automatically add data like gender or age to the survey report use referrer functionality on the end of survey link e.g. /referrer/[S]-[YOB]/

Cint can transfer following information to : [ID] = Respondent ID, [M] = Member ID, [P] = Panelist ID, [PC] = Postal code, [S] = Gender (male = 1, female = 2), [YOB] = Year of birth


quota full - research project completed (required number of responses collected)
early screen-out - response not qualifies for the survey
complete - survey completed

* Response ID option is available in Enterprise plan.