Intercept surveys

Engage your website & online shop users with survey widgets.


There is a great deal of knowledge that your website and online shop users can share with you, but engaging website users can be challenging task. We know how to help you automate the process and ask your users right question in the right time. Sign up for FREE and try our online surveys.

LOTDropboxBAT is professional and easy to use tool that enables you to create online surveys, questionnaires, tests and forms. No software to download or install, all you need is a web browser.
Intercept surveys Web widgets
Engage your website users. Gather feedback while your respondent is interacting with your website or online shop. Create survey widgets for your website. Define shape and widget behaviour.
Online forms Sales leads
Display newsletter sign up form when your user or guest is reading your blog. Collect sales leads directly on your website.

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Survey example - questionnaire for civil services

Powerful features

Complete research platform. Online surveys. Forms. Tests.

+ Draw test questions + Set number of points for each answer choice
+ Any language support + Display test result at the end
+ Rotate blocks, pages, questions and answer choices + Secure access with a password or token
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