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Mobile surveys

Create multi-device surveys. Smartphone surveys. Tablet surveys. Web surveys.

Number of people connecting to the Internet using mobile devices already exceeded the number of people using PC / laptop computers. Most of your customers probably already use smartphone, tablet or ultrabook to connect to the Internet. Is your online survey software ready for the world of mobile devices? We are.

mobile surveys
Mobile surveys automatically detects the device type and scale your questionnaire to match the screen size and resolution. This way you create survey only once and distribute it on any device, including smartphone, tablet or pc / laptop. You don't need to worry what type of device your respondent is using. We take care about it.

Any browser and operating system supports any browser and any operating system. Our survey templates have been tested on the most popular web browsers (IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera), operating systems and mobile devices (Android, iOS, WP, BlackBerry).

Hide survey questions

You can hide survey questions for selected devices (e.g. tablet or smarphone) and create different versions of the same survey depending on the device type your respondent is using.


We can detect device type that your respondent is using and log this information. This way you will be able to monitor if your respondents used pc / laptop, tablets or mobile phones to complete your surveys.


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