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Survey skip logic and branching

Improve your survey response rate with skip logic and serve only questions that are relevant.

Thanks to skip logic and branching each person that will take survey will see different (based on responses) questions and pages. This way you will be able to improve response rate, survey quality and respondents will spend less time on your survey.
survey skip logic and branching

  • skip logic and branching - allow you to create personalized paths through your survey based on respondents' answers on selected questions. This way respondent time is not wasted on questions that are not relevant for them.
  • randomized answer choices - some respondents take shortcuts and automatically select certain answers choices. Randomization feature allows to minimize this phenomenon and improve survey responses quality.
  • randomized question and pages - randomize survey questions and pages.
  • survey restrictions - allows to set number of responses restriction, research finish date, and time allowed to complete survey.

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