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Any language support

Create surveys in any language, including right-to-left written languages like Hebrew or Arabic.

Thanks to Unicode (UTF-8) usage you are able to create surveys in any language, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese or Russian. We support also right-to-left written languages like Arabic, Hebrew or Persian (Farsi).

any language support
Any code page support

We support all code pages (the way national characters are recorded in computer systems), thanks to it your national characters will be exported and displayed correctly no matter what data analysis tool you will use.

Automatic language detection automatically detects language setting of your respondent web browser and basing on this information displays most adequate language version of your survey. Respondent can change survey language any time manually.

Right-to-left written languages support

We support online surveys and tests for right-to-left written languages like Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu, Pashto or Persian (Farsi).


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